Friday, July 25, 2008

Remembering my bicycle days…
My only treasure was my bicycle,
With it I rode all the roads.
Rains have crushed my insides.
Still I remember that drop which touched my nose.
Even thunders were disparaged.
Cold did not throb.
After days I can remember only,
How my heart was washed with rain.
Sun has scorched my head.
Reprimands where not responded.
I know the long lane waited for me to ride
Along my way I saw not only springs but autumn too.
When I thought of the springs waiting,
Withering leaves too gave reasons to smile.
Later I realized that my destiny was not what it should be.
But who cares?
I want the ride and won’t mind my road.
Was alone with my rides, rain and burning sun.
My ride is over now.
My bicycle is on the lonely corner.
It’s rusted with paint worn to shred,
Waiting for someone to care…
Now in my solitude when I think
It’s not my lessons that made my life worthy,
But only my voyages have made my days tasty.